Monday, March 5, 2012

A small haul, some chocolate, some strawberries, and a gift in the mail.

In an attempt to escape some more from pending school work, I joined my mom and little sister for a Monday morning getaway, which included a meal at a delicious breakfast place and a stop by Walmart (a special request of mine, as my beauty counter was in need of replenishing). I didn't find that Essie Matte top coat I was looking for, but I did get a few things. Nothing I didn't need, however (although I admit, my survival may not depend on Kinder chocolate.)

I was a little lost when I ran out of my Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse concealer, as it has been discontinued (which I don't completely understand, since Youtube was creating quite a lot of hype around it!). I only use concealer under my eyes, but my dark circles can be very persistent on bad days. Hunting for the perfect product can be challenging, and so I wasn't delighted about having to do it all over again... I figured Bourjois' Healthy Mix concealer would do the trick, but no luck there: it was actually the first product that ever made me break out. (And there is no mistake that this very one is at fault: the three red spots under my right eye are sufficient evidence.) I decided to look into the cheaper brands once again, and picked out Maybelline's Dream Lumi Touch highlighting concealer in the shade 320 - Ivory. This new release gets a fair amount of approval on MakeUpAlley, and I really hope I'll like it as well!

I purchased another pot of Nivea's "Light Moisturizing Day Care", the face moisturizer I truly swear by. I have used up two of those already, and I'm still in love. The cream has a surprisingly thick consistency, and yet it melts so perfectly once it is applied onto the skin. It has the classic Nivea scent to it, too, which I cannot get enough of. And it was on sale for $6. I have yet to try a high end cream that beats all that. I have sampled expensive moisturizers, and so far none of them measure up. 

A life-saver: a small and practical jar of Vaseline (100g) for around $2.50. They had a much bigger size for a dollar more or so, but I don't need a huge pot of petroleum jelly in my room, and this one alone will probably last me forever, so why pay more to get more?

This next thing is not a part of the haul; rather it is a little surprise that I received in my mailbox today. It is my prize from Gaby's Schick giveaway, held on her blog last week. I was part of the first 25 Canadians to enter and each one of us got a Schick Hydro Silk razor to try. This is obviously an important beauty tool to have and I'm glad I was one of the winners. Thanks Gaby!

Finally, the Kinder Mini Eggs chocolates! I like them too much for my own good, but they're rarely around in stores  so there's no harm done overall. This time I couldn't resist when I saw them, and I enjoyed a few earlier with strawberry green tea and fresh strawberries, while watching a TV show on my computer. (The tissue box in the background was also a necessity today: it was extremely cold and I'm still a little sick.) Now I must try not to eat them all up... 

VoilĂ ! Now back to work: I have a presentation tomorrow for class and I must finish it up (last minute, again). Not my fault that blogging is so distracting ;).
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