Monday, March 5, 2012

A small haul, some chocolate, some strawberries, and a gift in the mail.

In an attempt to escape some more from pending school work, I joined my mom and little sister for a Monday morning getaway, which included a meal at a delicious breakfast place and a stop by Walmart (a special request of mine, as my beauty counter was in need of replenishing). I didn't find that Essie Matte top coat I was looking for, but I did get a few things. Nothing I didn't need, however (although I admit, my survival may not depend on Kinder chocolate.)

I was a little lost when I ran out of my Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse concealer, as it has been discontinued (which I don't completely understand, since Youtube was creating quite a lot of hype around it!). I only use concealer under my eyes, but my dark circles can be very persistent on bad days. Hunting for the perfect product can be challenging, and so I wasn't delighted about having to do it all over again... I figured Bourjois' Healthy Mix concealer would do the trick, but no luck there: it was actually the first product that ever made me break out. (And there is no mistake that this very one is at fault: the three red spots under my right eye are sufficient evidence.) I decided to look into the cheaper brands once again, and picked out Maybelline's Dream Lumi Touch highlighting concealer in the shade 320 - Ivory. This new release gets a fair amount of approval on MakeUpAlley, and I really hope I'll like it as well!

I purchased another pot of Nivea's "Light Moisturizing Day Care", the face moisturizer I truly swear by. I have used up two of those already, and I'm still in love. The cream has a surprisingly thick consistency, and yet it melts so perfectly once it is applied onto the skin. It has the classic Nivea scent to it, too, which I cannot get enough of. And it was on sale for $6. I have yet to try a high end cream that beats all that. I have sampled expensive moisturizers, and so far none of them measure up. 

A life-saver: a small and practical jar of Vaseline (100g) for around $2.50. They had a much bigger size for a dollar more or so, but I don't need a huge pot of petroleum jelly in my room, and this one alone will probably last me forever, so why pay more to get more?

This next thing is not a part of the haul; rather it is a little surprise that I received in my mailbox today. It is my prize from Gaby's Schick giveaway, held on her blog last week. I was part of the first 25 Canadians to enter and each one of us got a Schick Hydro Silk razor to try. This is obviously an important beauty tool to have and I'm glad I was one of the winners. Thanks Gaby!

Finally, the Kinder Mini Eggs chocolates! I like them too much for my own good, but they're rarely around in stores  so there's no harm done overall. This time I couldn't resist when I saw them, and I enjoyed a few earlier with strawberry green tea and fresh strawberries, while watching a TV show on my computer. (The tissue box in the background was also a necessity today: it was extremely cold and I'm still a little sick.) Now I must try not to eat them all up... 

Voilà! Now back to work: I have a presentation tomorrow for class and I must finish it up (last minute, again). Not my fault that blogging is so distracting ;).


  1. Aww merci pour la petite mention! Tu me fais penser que ça fait longtemps que je n'ai pas fait de haul... mais je me retiens tellement pour ne rien acheter avant d'avoir écoulé mon surplus d'inventaire!

  2. Je comprends tout à fait! C'est pour cette raison que je n'ai pas trop exploré les allées... De toute façon, avant de penser à m'acheter un tas de nouveaux produits, je dois m'appliquer à vider/donner les échantillons que je possède (vestiges d'un abonnement à Luxe Box & co, argh).

    Au fait, j'ai vu que tu avais posté ma dernière photo sur WeHeartIt! Je ne suis pas inscrite ni très familière avec le site, mais ça me fait plaisir, merci :).

  3. omg the kinder eggs?!?! I've never seen those before, mini ones anyway.... ynummy :)

    1. They're the best! I can only find them around Easter time though... :'(


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