Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Super quick and easy Iced Mocha recipe :)

A while ago I found a super simple, quick, easy (you name it) recipe for a drink that I absolutely loved to order at Starbucks and the like: the iced mocha. Don't mind the logo on my reusable cold cup: this drink is home-made and considerably cheaper than the coffee shop's alternative. It tastes just as good, the look of it can fool you, and it might be a healthier option as well. The recipe that I had went something like this; but really, you can customize it to your liking (my dosage, for example, is slightly different -- and I skip the extra sugar). Basically, you only need some hot water, ice cubes, milk, chocolate syrup, and instant coffee. Alright, let's get into it!

Step 1: Fill your glass with ice.

Step 2: Take a small dish, and pour in a few spoonfuls of hot water.

Step 3: Add in a few teaspoons of your favourite kind of instant coffee. I use 2 of them: I'm not an avid coffee drinker so I react pretty strongly to it, but as I said, add as much as you like or need.

Step 4: Stir the mixture to let the coffee dissolve in the water.

Step 4: Same process with the chocolate syrup. Add the amount you feel is needed -- it depends of how much of a sweet tooth you have! Once again, I use about 2 teaspoons.

Step 5: Stir. I told you, this is very basic.

Step 6: Pour the chocolate and coffee mixture over the ice.

Step 7: Time to fill your cup with milk! Use non-fat if you want to make it a bit healthier, or use whatever kind you fancy. Side note: Yes, this is a milk in a bag. I live in Canada and I know that some Americans, for one, find that weird beyond belief. Does it really seem that strange?

That's it! Put in a straw, mix it up a bit, and your glass will be filled with delicious swirls of chocolate. Yum!

I hope you try and enjoy! xoxo.


  1. I'm pretty sure it is healthier, well at least less calorific than the Starbucks one! The iced drink I like at SBucks is the Strawberry and cream Frapuccino, but it's death in a cup!

    1. Haha, the Frappucinos are in a league of their own! I love the Green Tea one.

  2. Mmm looks so delicious!! Perfect for the summer.


    1. Yes! It's especially good on a hot summer day :)

  3. Thanks for this refreshing recipe! I love my iced coffee. I'm gonna try and make this soon!


  4. Wow, je n'en reviens pas que je ne connaissais pas cette recette qui, comme tu l'as bien dit, si basique! Franchement! En plus j'ai du Nesquik qui traîne dans mon frigidaire depuis un bout... MERCI!!!! (:

    1. Je suis ravie d'avoir trouvé un but à ta bouteille de Nesquik, haha :) Avec plaisir!


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