Monday, April 9, 2012

Empty pots!

I truly enjoy finishing up beauty products. I'd much rather know that I'm putting them to use than letting them clutter my drawers and regretting my purchases. Here are some products that have done their time and are now leaving my collection:

I received this 13g (0.45 Oz) sample of Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant in my first ever Luxe Box. Sidenote: Back then, I was in love with the concept of those beauty sampling services. That changed since. I'm considering writing a post about the reasons I unsubscribed, but it's mostly because I now have tons of useless miniature versions of beauty products that I'll probably never use.
This one I actually used from time to time, but it still took me almost a year to get the bottom of it. It claims to "microfoliate dulling debris and instantly leave the skin smoother and brighter". I have nothing bad to say about the effects of the product, but I can't say that it made my skin noticeably better either. I'm aware that it is a favourite of many, but it didn't impress me. Maybe it has to do with the price of the full-size thing – around $62 CAN, for 75g (2.6 Oz) – which is so off-putting. I could never justify splurging that much for an exfoliant, especially when my skin lets me get away with cheaper alternatives at the drugstore.

I believe I've talked about my love for Nivea's Rich Moisturizing Day Care in my last post. It hasn't changed: I still use it religiously morning and night, although I might consider switching it up next time I run out. Just for the sake of trying out what else is good out there!
I've finished this quite a while ago but I was waiting to empty a few other products to showcase it in a post. This is not the pot I purchased in my last haul: as a matter of fact, it was a slightly different version of the same cream – for sensitive and dry skin, rather than the "normal" formula. I liked it a lot but I prefer the original version (the one with a blue lid) as this one loses a bit of that wonderful Nivea smell (as it is targeted towards sensitive skin types, I suppose they wanted to make sure it was not irritating). Also, this one seemed to be more sticky than the other, but since I didn't have both products simultaneously to compare, I can't say I'm certain. It sells for around $7-8 CAN, which is an excellent price, and what moisturizers should cost (the price tags on some creams in Sephora really don't make sense in my mind).

Another moisturizer I used up is one my mom bought for me in Ukraine this summer. It is from a line called Черный Жемчуг (which means "Black Pearl" in Russian), which sells skincare adapted for different age groups. I don't know of the exact price of their products, but I've seen them online for around $10-15, so they're definitely not on the expensive side. I didn't love this cream, although I find it difficult to hate a moisturizer completely. The consistency was much too liquid for my taste, and wasn't absorbed that well by my skin. I prefer thicker creams, and this was far from it. Also, the packaging was very light and felt cheap and fragile in comparison with the sturdy, heavy Nivea pots. This cream is not a product I will purchase, but I have to mention that it has a very pleasant smell! It is reminiscent of that of Chanel skincare. I will still link to the company's (Kalina) website. It features all of their products, but the site is in Russian.

This is it for my empty products of the moment – but I'm hoping there will be more to come soon, as I'm hoping to downsize my collection (I have to start using up those lip glosses)! 
I hope you're enjoying the last day of the Easter holiday! Exam season is threatening us college students, so stay strong everyone. We can do it!


  1. I love these empties posts, it motivates me to keep going!

    1. Yes, same here! But I don't seem to be able to finish anything other than skincare... I have yet to use up a tube of lipstick or hit pan on an eye shadow!


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